Voting in

the 3rd District


The 3rd Congressional District covers 125 square miles, stretching all the way from  the City of Chicago to the southwest suburb of Joliet. The District's population is

over 720,000.

What an incredible, diverse place to live.

Make Your Plan to Vote!

We are proud to partner with BallotReady, a voter tool designed to enable and inform every voter with a plan to make their voice heard on Election Day. You can find your polling location, check out options for voting Early, map out public transit to get you from home or work to the polls, and even add your voting plan as an item on your calendar.

Please note: BallotReady unfortunately does not include certified write-in candidates in their voter guide. Even in spite of this policy, we believe strongly in the value of what they offer. This November, it is more important than ever for voters to make their voice heard to defeat the bigotry and hatred our District's Nazi candidate is spewing. 


Make your plan to vote and exercise the most powerful right you have as a citizen of our great nation!

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